Waaaiiiiting UGGGHHHH

This two-week wait is one of the most frustrating things ever. Initially I thought “Two weeks? That’s nothing. I can wait two weeks before knowing anything – EASY! It is just as though I had another test – I will just put it out of my mind.”

Then 2 days post insemination: “ARGH WHY DON’T I KNOW YET”

It is now 8 days post insemination, and I have spent the whole time feeling pregnant but maybe not really feeling pregnant – I have been experiencing so many things that COULD mean pregnancy (gas, bloating, MASSIVE fatigue, nausea, minor spotting, minor cramping); however, most of those I experience most of the time anyway (gas, bloating, fatigue, nausea), and the ones I don’t are stated side effects of the insemination process (minor spotting, minor cramping).

So: it is Schrodinger’s pregnancy, as my mother said. Without the cyanide capsule (hopefully).

The most frustrating thing is that my mind, TRYING to analyze the unanalyzable, keeps pinging into action and saying “When you feel fatigued normally, is it really THIS fatigued? For this many days straight?” and “I know day 3 post-insemination is early for implantation bleeding, but it is possible (apparently it can happen any time from day 2 or something [according to potentially dodgy internet sources], but most commonly happens day 6-12) – and really bleeding from the procedure should have happened already by now, surely?”

The temptation is there to take a multitude of urine tests, but they are not really accurate until the predicted day of your next period – preferably not until a week after, too. SOME of them claim they can pick something up from 5 days before your period, but in the small print they say it is only 50% accuracy, compared with the over 90% accuracy five days later. So I really should wait until the scheduled blood test (in six days) – although I might do a pee test in five days (the day my period is due to start), just for shits and giggles.

If my period does turn up on schedule, I suppose I still have to take the blood test – in case it has arrived despite pregnancy.


2 thoughts on “Waaaiiiiting UGGGHHHH

  1. Hi, thanks for writing this blog – I am in the process of trying to decide to go it alone at the moment and my name has come up for donor sperm finally – following your story with interest!


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