End of Cycle 1, Beginning of Cycle 2

So, from my lack of posts recently, you may have (correctly) gathered that I did not get pregnant in my first cycle.I am fairly certain I would have at least done a one-line post shouting to the world, if it had worked.

I did a couple of pee tests (one two days before my period was due, one on the day it was due), and both were negative. Then my period arrived on time (so, yes, I did a pee test DESPITE my period indicating I wasn’t pregnant – sue me).

Then, just to be certain, I still did the blood test on the two-week-post-insemination day (the day after my period was due/started). It, too, was negative.

Interestingly (to me, anyway), I thought my period was a little different in consistency this time (I use a Diva Cup, so can tell that sort of thing – if you don’t use one I HIGHLY recommend them – they are great for so many reasons, which I will list at the end of this post for anyone curious) – it seemed gluggier. So I, of course, wondered whether I had been VERY briefly pregnant, and it had just gone wrong very early – and the hormones changed the uterine lining somehow or something. But this is probably not the case, and I am likely even making up that the period was different – when one is paying extra attention to something one does tend to notice more (funny that).

Anyway, I am now into cycle 2 (day 11); I have done one LH test so far (yesterday), and have my second one tomorrow morning. I expect ovulation will happen on Sunday (day 15) or Monday (day 16) – it happened on day 15 last time, and my period started at a different time of day this time, meaning there may be some variation. I really hope it happens on Sunday, so I don’t have to miss any work time. Thinking of what to say about a sudden appointment is stressing me out.

Sperm Day 2: Electric Boogaloo – coming soon to an FA clinic near some people.


Brief sidebar about Diva Cups:

You guys. These are so good. I bought mine in the USA, but they are probably available online. Or, you know, a different brand might be too – there are a lot of menstrual cups out there.

Anyway. They are cheaper in the long run (no more buying tampons), you don’t have to change them as often, there is no annoying string getting in the way, and you can ANALYSE your periods for consistency/volume/etc! SCIENCE! They do take some getting used to – it took ages to figure out how to insert mine, and almost as long figuring out how to get it out too, but seriously. Worth it.

And I am not even getting any money from them.


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