Sperm Day Two: Electric Boogaloo

I had my second insemination today. It was pretty similar to last time, but with a few choice differences:

  • NO PAIN this time! Only a sense of discomfort (on a par with getting a smear) when she pushed the tube through my cervix – it went much easier (no feeling around). When I asked about this, the nurse said it is different every time, and said that things like having a full/empty bladder may affect it one way or the other, but not in a predictable way. I imagine also that as the cervix is quite squishy, it could just be dumb luck as to whether everything is aligned.
  • Less preamble, although we still carefully double-checked the donor number. But she knew I had been through it all before, so it was very quick before we got to the procedure itself.
  • It is a Sunday today, meaning that the building is officially closed. I had to buzz through the intercom at the main door and the receptionist (there was still one even though it is technically closed) unlocked the lifts for me. I was a little worried about whether it would be an issue with regard to getting in, but it was fine. And the car park was free parking today, so I didn’t even need to get my ticket validated.
  • They could tell me before I left (rather than a text message sent later) that the insemination was well timed, meaning no need for another blood test tomorrow or extra insemination tomorrow to hedge bets.

With regard to the questions I had this time:

  • The nurse recommended NOT to use a heated wheat bag for cramping pain, which is unsurprising but disappointing (they are so good for period pain). Basically for the same reasons as why I shouldn’t have a sauna or spa – drastic changes in temperature are bad for fertilization etc. She re-stated that panadol and panadeine are both fine for cramping, but I will be sticking to panadol, or nothing if I can stand it (and I think I can – while I am currently cramping a little [enough to be a little uncomfortable] it is MUCH less than last time)
  • I had recently read on an American fertility clinic’s website that, while 1 million washed sperm is enough to get a result, the best result is achieved with at least 10 million. With me and my donor sperm, they used 4.5 million the first attempt; this time it was 2 million. So I asked what was up with that, given what I had read. She said that more than 1 million is seriously all that is needed, and American clinics just have this thing about bigger being better. Apparently there has been a tonne of research about it, and it all pretty much agrees that 1 million is great. Also, Fertility Associates gets better results than most US clinics, and is one of the top-achieving fertility clinics in the world for successful pregnancy rates (which was nice to hear). TLDR: >1 million sperm is fine, don’t worry.

So now I have to go through the whole waiting process again. UGH. Hopefully it will be easier this time, now that I have done it once…


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