Blood Test Thoughts

In my first two cycles, the blood tests happened in a predictable pattern, and I was able to predict when I was likely to ovulate in the second cycle, based on the pattern of blood tests during the second cycle compared with during the first cycle. However, this cycle is different, and I have found myself spreadsheeting, trying to figure out when I am likely to ovulate/get inseminated. Spoiler: I can’t figure it out, but it doesn’t look like it will be at the most convenient time for me. 

In this chart, B is a blood test day and I is an insemination day. I am currently on day 14, and have not been told when my next blood test is yet. 

Trying to read patterns gives two potential insemination days for this cycle, and a different theory gives a third. 

  1. If I ovulate on the same day every cycle, I should ovulate tomorrow, meaning the number of daily blood tests will be less before ovulation, which seems unlikely, if my LH levels increase at the same rate every month. I don’t particularly want to have a weekday insemination (getting away from work etc) but this is still the second best option for convenience
  2. If I use the number of two-daily and daily tests as my pattern, I should ovulate the day after tomorrow (Saturday), which is inconvenient as I have a thing I want to go to in Hamilton that afternoon. So I do not want this to be correct, but it seems most likely to me
  3. The other theory is that as my last cycle was shorter than usual (normally I am fairly steady at 28/29 days), and my period was heavier, I may have miscarried a very early pregnancy and my body maybe took a couple of days to recover back to normal – this would explain the fact that I am still on every-second-day tests at this late stage of my cycle. Assuming that would take us to 28 days, I should ovulate on Sunday (in three days), which would be what I prefer and thus is least likely. Also, I have no idea if the body does that

This is all silly conjecture, as I do not have enough data points, but still – spreadsheets are fun!


In other blood test-related news, a public service announcement: one is allowed to park in the other companies’ parking spaces at the Carbine Road blood testing place (the place you go for weekend tests) on the weekend, despite all the signs indicating otherwise. I waited a good four-five times before I got up enough gumption to ask. And now you don’t have to, if you ever have to go there. You are welcome!


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