I did not ovulate on any of the options I worked out in the last post. Today is Sunday (day 17), and I had blood tests this morning and Friday – they told me to skip Saturday (so I was able to go to my thing I had on that day YAY). When I rang the nurse on Friday to ask why the two-day wait again, she said that my estrogen levels hadn’t moved at all, and they wanted to get another test (on Sunday) to see if they were going to.

I just got off the phone with her, and she said that my estrogen levels had actually dropped, meaning that it is very unlikely I am going to ovulate this month AT ALL.

She is going to talk to my doctor tomorrow (Monday) and call me back then, to tell me what the plan is, but it is looking as though this cycle is a bust. Silver lining: I get to save another bunch of money.

The options for the next cycle depend on what the doctor says, but as far as she was able to tell, they are to proceed as before, or to start me on medication to push ovulation (I assume clomiphene, but she didn’t say).

I have a history of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), but I have not skipped a period in several years, so this is weird. I guess it could be stress bringing it back? Or some other nefarious cause (she wouldn’t say anything beyond that PCOS could be it, but now I am worried … CANCER! EARLY MENOPAUSE! SOME WEIRD NECROTIC OVARY BACTERIAL INFECTION!)

The chance of multiples increases with the use of meds, too (10% of births using clomiphene are multiples, compared with 1% normally) – I am not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, being a single parent with two or more babies at the same time would be exponentially harder, but on the other hand I would be getting it all over with in one fell swoop (I want two kids, ultimately), and all for the price of one baby (the conception part – everything else would still be twice as expensive…).

The meds would also add some extra cost to the cycles – currently, they are $2325, but the meds would cost (according to the Fertility Associates fact sheet) $0-500 per cycle. Which is delightfully vague.


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