Clomiphene Dosage Update

The nurse just returned my call, and said that the dosage is correct – she checked with my doctor and it is definitely supposed to be 25 mg/day. But when I asked, she didn’t know why – she just said that it was what the doctor wanted. Which is a little frustrating, but I guess I can ask my usual nurse (this one was a different one from the one I usually talk to) to see if she knows, and I can always ask the doctor himself if I don’t get pregnant in the next two cycles (when I get a free catch-up consultation). 

Also, I am definitely supposed to wait for my next period before we try again, but if it takes longer than when that is due (basically a 55- 60-day cycle from my last one), then I should call them and they will likely induce a false period to get things going again. 


With regard to the Previous Pokemon Post, I am not able to catch ’em all. I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago (not broken, thankfully), and the physio just told me to avoid walking on it as much as possible for a while (it is a tendon thing, apparently). Meaning there goes my healthy, fertility-boosting exercise. And also there goes my chances of catching up with the tweens of Auckland in Pokemon levels and collections. But mostly I am worried about losing my ability to stay moderately fit – I don’t want to make it even HARDER to get pregnant!


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