Frittering Finances

The main thing that has struck me in the past month or two is that I really need to be aware that big financial emergencies do just happen, willy nilly, and that this is not the end of the world, necessarily. I was so focused over the past couple of years on saving money towards my baby-making fund, and (in my mind) that money was only going to be used for that, and nothing else. I think I thought that no giant expenses would crop up in this time.

And then I went to the dentist. I admit, my oral hygiene has not historically been the most scrupulous (not that I have green moss on my teeth or anything, just that I don’t go overboard), but up until now, my teeth have been perfect, with no braces/major work necessary (aside from my wisdoms in my 20s).

I went to the dentist this time as an “I am going to be pregnant and pregnant women need to look after their teeth” sort of visit, expecting nothing more than maybe one or two fillings – IF THAT. What I got was: two minor fillings, two fairly major fillings, and a crown. All of which cost about $3000. I was supposed to be fitted with a night splint (to prevent another cracked tooth like the one that needed the crown), and I went merrily along last Wednesday, thinking that this would finally be the end of it, and yes I had spent a cycle’s worth of savings on this, but at least there would be no MORE.  (I swear this is relevant to my baby-making journey – stay tuned)

Then I let it slip that I was getting sensitivity on my right side (both around the crowned tooth on the bottom and what felt like on the top as well). He said (I am paraphrasing) “Oh shit, it is likely all caused by the crowned tooth, you need a root canal, here are all the complications that could happen with a root canal and you will have to give me tonnes of money”.

A root canal. This was a risk initially, but I had thought that risk had gone away when he said all I needed was a crown. So I had let myself relax. And now I have to spend another $1700 on that, plus the $650 for the splint, meaning a total of TWO cycles-worth of money is coming from my funds.

I cried in the dentist’s chair. They were very nice, and in fact checked up on my well-being the next day (I think I really concerned them), and it has settled in my mind a bit now, BUT at the time, all I could think of was “MORE OF MY HARD-EARNED MONEY that is not going towards my baby, and now that I am needing clomiphene it might not happen as quickly as it might if I had perfect ovaries, so I might NEED that money”. Also, I was so very disappointed that my dental woes were not over after all (when they were SUPPOSED TO BE), and I had to go through a friggin’ ROOT CANAL, which is one of the scariest things I can think of doing, dental-work-wise.

Okay, so the link to the baby stuff is obviously money. I have lost two more chances of getting pregnant, just because my teeth hate me. My dad has offered to help out with baby finances if it comes to that, but in an ideal world I would not need that help, and it worries me that I might.

So I guess the moral of this story that I NEED to remember is that shit happens, unpredictably, and that I am super lucky that I happened to have that money lying around, so I could get my teeth sorted ASAP – so many people don’t have that, and might have to settle for an extraction etc. And to just roll with the punches, cos it will all work out in the end. Ha.

But finances are a big part of getting pregnant this way. So every little withdrawal that is not directly involved with baby making makes me twinge and get anxious over. I dislike it. At least this waiting game for my next period is giving me extra savings opportunities (although they were supposed to go to the baby too). Silver lining.


Speaking of the waiting for the next period, I filled my clomiphene prescription this morning. I wish I had looked more closely at the prescription form itself, though, before giving it to the pharmacist, because what the pharmacy gave me was 25 mg/day, and I know that 50 mg/day is the recommended starting point. I have rung the nurse, but she is (as they always are) with patients, so I haven’t heard from her yet. I assume it is on purpose, possibly because my periods have been super regular for the past several years and they don’t want to risk overloading me, but I did think it was weird giving me a lower-than-starting dose without telling me that was what they were doing. I don’t think it is very likely that the pharmacist screwed up, but you never know.

Still. I guess I will find out. I also want to know if there is any way of skipping the wait for the next period – i.e. starting ovulation by ourselves (I mean, they must have to with patients who have not ovulated in ages), but I expect the answer for me will be “no, just wait”, because of the aforementioned previous menstrual regularity.

I just hope I get pregnant by the end of the year – this was supposed to be my big year!


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