Pokemon Go

My friend used to write for a pregnancy blog (not sure if she still does – I haven’t seen her name there for a while), and I still subscribe to it – they cover things from a slightly more scientific perspective, in layperson terms, and it is very interesting.

Yesterday, a post was published there explaining that pregnant women should totally play Pokemon Go. Obviously, this is because walking is good for you, but I choose to believe that the game itself is what is good, and that if anyone knocks it I can say “but this is good for me!” Although I guess I can’t say that yet. Blimmin’ reproductive system not doing what it’s told.

Although, I know that walking/exercise is good for getting pregnant too, so I guess I can expand the recommendation in my head. But it isn’t suggested by a science blog yet, so…

Anyway, in this blog post, there are some good tips for walking intensity/etc during pregnancy.

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