Day 1, Cycle 3 (Clomiphene Cycle 1)

I am labelling this cycle as Cycle 3, even though I started Cycle 3 once before – that cycle does not get to exist (it didn’t get completed, the little blighter).

Anyway. Today is day 1 – I just got off the phone with the nurse, and my instructions are:

  • Take clomiphene 25 mg (i.e. half a 50 mg tablet) on the evenings of day 3 (Monday) to day 7 (Friday)
  • Get a blood test on day 9 (Sunday) – instead of the usual day 10
  • Don’t throw away the remaining, unused half-tablet, you silly girl – what do you think you are? MADE of clomiphene tablets? You might NEED it one day

I know that there will be an ultrasound to look for follicular development this time as well, but she didn’t give me instructions on that – I assume they will let me know when to do that closer to the time. I think they said probably day 12. They also said it might be possible to get the ultrasound done at the North Shore branch, which would be so much better than trekking all the way out to Greenlane – having to do that once a cycle is perfectly sufficient, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Day 1, Cycle 3 (Clomiphene Cycle 1)

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your blog and I am so pleased I have. I am currently on the waiting list for a donor with 2 years up in November. Like you were at the start, I can not wait to get things underway.
    Feel free to contact me as there seems to be a shortage of people sharing this kind of valuable information.


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