Friday Wine

Tonight I am choosing to have a glass of wine with my dinner. I haven’t had anything to drink since before my first cycle at Fertility Associates started. But it has been A Week, and it is Friday, and I am far enough away from blood alcohol affecting anything for it to be fine. 

However, despite having a negative pee test and a negative blood test and my period and an estrogen level of zero when they were checking ovulation, I still had paranoia that I might be pregnant and fooling everybody, including my own body. So I bought a cheap pee test with my bottle of wine at the supermarket.

Got home, took the test … SURPRISE! I am not pregnant. So I can have some wine and not worry. But this is an accurate indicator of how neurotic this process is making me. 

Also, my period just started, meaning day one of cycle three (first clomiphene cycle!) is tomorrow. And also another indicator that I am not pregnant. In case I needed one. 


In other pregnancy news, here is a link to an article about a useful way to let your cat know you are going to have a baby. I say useful…

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