I Am Joe’s Ovaries

I had my internal ultrasound today, to check on the state of my ovaries after the clomiphene. I have one giant, juicy follicle developing in the right ovary, and nothing on the left – which is pretty much ideal, health-wise (but a bit sad if you were secretly hoping for twins… Which OBVIOUSLY I would never WISH for something that would make the pregnancy riskier…). I have had daily blood tests since day 9 (today is day 11), and they show good estrogen increase, but LH is still fairly flat. 

So the doctor who did the scan said that they might need to get me to trigger the ovulation if LH is still flat with tomorrow’s blood test – this would involve me picking up the injection (I can pick it up from the north shore clinic, luckily), then injecting myself in the evening tomorrow night, with the insemination then scheduled for 36 hours later (timing being important). They did seem to think there was a good chance I wouldn’t need to trigger, though – so fingers crossed. I mean, it would be interesting to experience injecting myself, but I don’t think I am exactly EXCITED by the prospect.

With regard to how the clomiphene treatment went, I think it was pretty smooth – not sure whether I had any treatment-related adverse events, but I had a couple of treatment-emergent ones: nausea (mostly after the first dose, but a little bit with the other four doses as well), headache on days 8 and 9 (may have just been tension headache though), and a little cramping/bloating/discomfort in the abdomen in the last few days. So nothing too bad, really. They made me take it in the evening – I am assuming so as to minimise any adverse events. 

The prescription ended up costing me the standard-prescription cost ($5), and the ultrasound was covered by the main cycle cost, which is just the standard DI cycle cost ($2360 – my first two were $2325, but the cost went up this year, so I guess they finally caught up with me). So yeah – not too shabby, given there is more monitoring this cycle. Pretty stoked it wasn’t increased by hundreds of dollars. 

The ultrasound itself was a little cold (pants-free on a cold day) and slightly uncomfortable, but fine, really (nowhere near a smear or the discomfort with IUI, for instance). Much more comfortable than giving birth, too, I am assuming. Baby steps of discomfort – working my way up to the big one. Although I have been told that kidney stones are more painful than childbirth, and I had a kidney stone once, so I am well primed and will just breeze through child birth, I am sure. 


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