Sperm Day Three: Sperm Day Forever

Surprise sperm day! I got a call this afternoon, around 1pm, and the nurse said that I was to come in at 4pm for insemination. It was super confusing, because I was expecting the call to be them saying I had to go and get the trigger injection or at least that insemination would be tomorrow (going by what the doctor had said yesterday at the scan), so it took some back and forthing before it clicked that I was getting inseminated today.

I didn’t even have my Giant Bag of Baby-Making Papers that I lug with me every time I go to FA. (Not that I needed it – I just like covering my bases)

The nurse who did it was different from the one I had had the first two times – not quite as comfortable, personality-wise? And she didn’t give me a robe until I asked for one (she was surprised I wanted one), and when she did the insemination she just flipped the blanket back so I was completely exposed (the other nurse sort of went in under it so I had some semblance of decency). Still – no big deal, really – she must have seen thousands, and it was just the two of us in there. It would have been a bit more comfortable being covered, though.

Otherwise the process was pretty much the same – 1.9 million sperms this time, checked the patient numbers for me and the donor, then she inserted the speculum and the catheter tube thing. It was somewhere in between the first two times with regard to discomfort – not painful per se, just really uncomfortable, mainly when she went through the cervix.  And I started cramping pretty much straight away. My cervix is such a delicate petal.

Anyway. That’s done now. Fingers crossed it will stick this time! She said it was timed well, based on how the cervix looked, and that I don’t need a blood test tomorrow to check if I need a second dose. So nothing to do for two weeks.


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