The Communists Have Definitely Set Up Camp

Just got the phone call from FA – negative test (I had guessed, as my period started with a vengeance yesterday afternoon). The nurse said that, while this was a negative result, the doctor was very pleased with how the cycle went overall (nice follicle size, good uterine-lining thickness, etc), and that I could start a new cycle from today (being the first full day of bleeding) using the same dosage of clomiphene as last time (apparently there is no need to wait 30 days between treatment courses, as it says in the prescribing information). 

So: off to the pharmacy after work to pick up the next repeat prescription.  Then starting the five-day dosing on Friday (day 3). 

I forgot to ask whether the hot flushes/nausea may have been a result of the clomiphene, despite occurring so long after stopping the last course – I was wondering whether the higher estrogen levels might have had longish lasting effects… I will try to remember to ask the nurse when I go in for the next sperm day. 


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