Standing Ovulation

Today is Sunday, and I had my 8am ultrasound scan (in the Greenlane/Remuera/whatever-suburb-it-is clinic; they don’t do scans at the satellite branches on weekends, unsurprisingly). What I found out that will be useful in the future:

  • If you are going in to FA for a scan on the weekend, THEY DO YOUR BLOODS TOO! So good! Saves me time (I waited >50 minutes at the testing place yesterday) and effort (UGH driving), and it is warm, and they give you time to just sit there and clot over (this is extra nice for me, as the last two days in a row have featured me getting the blood test, standing up, walking a few steps, and then noticing a river of blood cascading down my arm)
  • If the scan is booked in to a satellite branch (on a weekday), they apparently say so in the text they send you (in some sort of three letter code or something). HOWEVER, I was booked in for the Shore one last time, and the text didn’t specify anything of the sort. So I think I will just check every time (if it turns out I have more cycles in my future)

Specific my-ovaries things: I have a large follicle (nice size for ovulating soon) and a smaller follicle (half that size, still bigger than my usual cysty things; won’t affect anything probably) on my right side, nothing on my left side (so: same side as last cycle – maybe this is a reason I have a history of irregular cycles? maybe my left ovary is slacking off? or maybe this is just the randomness of nature), and a well-lined uterus (it was a 7 instead of a 9 like last month [I think the units there are mm? as in the lining is 7mm thick? unsure]).


I am really hoping extra hard it works out this cycle, as I need to replace both my favourite bra and my only jeans. And I can’t do it until I know what shape I will be post-pregnancy, as they are both expensive items (I have to pay more because I have different proportions from the rest of the world, apparently, PLUS I am over 6′ tall, so have alien-length legs). So I have been holding off buying either, as I will be using maternity bra/jeans soon enough, and then I can buy longer-term ones after I get some shape back. But this means that I am currently walking around with indecently placed holes in my jeans and a bra that likes to poke me in the side (still my most comfortable one though). FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS

I have actually already purchased maternity jeans, despite not being anywhere near pregnant at the time (this was about 9 months ago) – Jeans West were getting rid of their extra-long-leg option (you had to buy it online only), and they were selling those jeans for $10; Reader, I bought one. Hope the size works out, but at that price it really doesn’t matter. And I am likely to be most pregnant in summer anyway, so should be able to get away with sun-dresses and stuff if I have to.


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