Sperm Day 4: Sperm Day and Robin

So today was my fourth insemination. Much of a muchness with the other insemination days, except this time it was painful when she pushed through the cervix, like Sperm Day 1, but then it was also painful whenever the catheter moved around – the nurse said my cervix was cramping or something. So that was fun.

She also answered some of my (further) questions:

  • Hot showers are okay (with regard to not being allowed to be in a sauna/spa), as your body self-regulates as a result of being naked and not completely immersed (and thus you have exposed skin that can cool your body)
  • Being too hot at night could conceivably (ha! puns!) be not okay, but as most people (and, indeed, I) wake up when too hot and remove a blanket or stick feet out, this is fine too (it would only be an issue if you didn’t take a blanket off or something)
  • Clomiphene adverse events can occur any time during the cycle – not just during the five days of administration. This is because it screws around with your hormone levels, and that takes (at least?) a cycle to reset

It was 1.3 million sperms this time – the lowest number yet. But, as the nurse said, it could also be the most successful number!

Blood test on Monday the 19th September to see if it worked or not. Then, if it didn’t work, it is off to the doctor I go for a four-cycle check-up/re-evaluation.


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