Turns out I do get a free counseling session every four attempts, but I just rang the north shore office and they only have one counselor, and she only comes out here once a month – and this month is fully booked so the next available appointment is not until the 27th October… and those appointments are all in the middle of the day. 

So I have decided to leave it for now, and if I don’t get pregnant this cycle I will use my counseling session on the same day as my doctor in the remuera office, which really makes more sense anyway as I image I will need more counseling going into expensive and invasive IVF as opposed to just another clomiphene cycle. 

Plus I have my weekly normal-counseling session if I really need to talk about it. My therapist used to be a midwife, too, so she knows stuff about babies I guess?

I am feeling a bit more resigned today. Pregnancy still feels unachievable but I guess it will feel that way until it isn’t. 


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