Quick Update

I went in for my scan this morning; as it is Saturday, I had to go in to Remuera, but as a silver lining (as previously mentioned) they do the bloods there too, so no going between places.

I have a nice big juicy follicle, on the left side again and nothing on the right side again; this is interesting to me, as I wonder if this means that my right ovary doesn’t ovulate or something, but the doctor said it was unlikely – even though all three of my monitored cycles have had solely left-hand ovulation. I guess it is my left-handedness coming out everywhere 🙂 – and I suppose we will find out if that is the case, if I have to do IVF (hopefully both ovaries will make many eggs in that case and I will have enough for a positive first implant plus several frozen embryos for future children… a girl can dream). My uterine lining was also nice and juicy – 1.0cm thick – I overheard the nurses saying they want it to be at least 0.6cm (I think), so this is good.

The doctor thought I was likely to ovulate in the next 24 h, so hopefully Sperm Day 5 will happen tomorrow, so I don’t need to worry about work. If I need IVF I will need as much annual leave stored as possible!

I was thinking more about the midwives vs. doctors thing, and thought I would look into the chances of getting transferred to a doctor as LMC using the free public system (apparently going private to an obstetrician costs around $4000 over the course of the pregnancy – yikes). I found this document, which mentions that a multiple pregnancy is grounds for immediate transfer, along with a whole host of other stuff (which I don’t want – health things, baby-danger things) – but it didn’t mention maternal age anywhere. Nor could I find anything from a quick google about whether age is a factor in referrals (although the search terms I was using were fairly generic, and there were a lot of unrelated hits that I couldn’t get rid of). So that was interesting – I would have thought cronehood would be grounds for transfer, but I guess they go on a case-by-case basis.

If I don’t have to do IVF, and don’t get free obstetrician care, I may still consider paying, as I will have some money left over. If I do have to do IVF, I am less likely to seriously consider it, but still will at least think about it.

I think a midwife would likely be fine, anyway – I am aware enough of things that I think (hope) I would be able to find one who fits with my checklist, and that the checklist would be complete enough to cover for most potentialities…


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