Fifth Time’s The Charm

I had a permeable egg and a sticky uterus you guys! I am currently the proud mother of something between an undefined lump and a somewhat-defined lump of cells that is drawing nutrients from my vascular system.

I did have a feeling that this time was different from the others, as I have had a VERY sore boob for the last few days, and had not spotted at all (normally I spot for 1-3 days before my period), so every spot-free day I thought “this could be it!” (I know I have said this every time, but this time really did feel different you guys). However, I remembered how I felt last month, so didn’t let myself get too hopeful or think too much about it all.

BUT I had the blood test this morning, and they rang this afternoon to let me know that it was a nice strong level of hCG (anything more than 50 mIU/mL is a good thing; I had 126 mIU/mL). Apparently the nurse who inseminated me this time was really stoked for me (she wasn’t the one who rang) – she must have remembered me, which is nice.

I took a urine test this afternoon (first one this cycle), once I knew I was pregnant (it was expensive and I didn’t want to waste more money). It gave a really nice positive result:

Positive pregnancy test 16_10_16.jpg
Taken 14 days after insemination

So: the next step is another blood test on thursday (4 days’ time) to track the (hopeful) rise in hCG levels, then another a week after that, and then an ultrasound at 7 weeks. After all that, FA hands me over to an LMC – so I will have to start thinking about that soon! I also have to start taking daily iodine tablets (150 µg/day), which I already had (from when I recently went to the doctor for something unrelated, and he gave me an iodine prescription in advance when he heard I was trying to get pregnant). So I will take that along with my folic acid, starting tomorrow morning.

Now, obviously this is VERY early days yet, and the first trimester is where most miscarriages occur, so I am trying not to count my chickens too much (but BOY is that hard!). I did immediately go out and buy some baby clothes this afternoon, but won’t buy anything else until after the scan, I think. And I am still not telling most people – only those who already know what I am doing.

I decided not to wait the traditional three months (for the limited number of people I AM telling), because I think it makes sense for me – if people know what is going on and I then miscarry, I can lean on them a bit more. Plus this way I can actually talk to someone about my early-pregnancy experiences!

Currently I am experiencing very mild symptoms, which may mostly be psychosomatic: slight nausea, slight dizziness, increased urination frequency. My sore boob is much less sore today than it was earlier in the week, but it is still tender.

I stole the following handy chart from the Huggies website, showing the huge variability between women in hCG levels. Apparently twins are associated with higher hCG levels, but the overlap is so big that you can’t predict based on them alone.


I FEEL SO WEIRD YOU GUYS. Like: excited, scared, disbelieving, tired. This is going to change my life completely. It doesn’t quite feel real yet, but I am sure it will soon. 🙂

And I am SO glad that it happened before I had to go through the expense and discomfort of IVF! This way I will actually have some money to spend on the baby!


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