Things Are Happening in my Uterus

Firstly: I have had my second hCG test, and it is all looking good. Levels of 958 mIU/mL. Next test in a week, then the first scan.

I have found a couple of potential midwives – I think I prefer one, but need to talk to her first. She had her phone switched off whenever I rang, so I left a message and also emailed her. Hopefully she will call back tonight. I am planning on staying with my mum in Taranaki for the birth and while the baby is little, so these midwives are based there – I am going to have to find one here in Auckland as well, as I am not moving down there until at least the late second trimester. It does make it harder to decide on the taranaki midwife, not being able to physically meet them.

I also joined the Facebook group for babies due in June next year, via the Oh Baby forums, as recommended by my friend who said they are really great for support and just having someone to talk to who is experiencing the exact same thing.

This week, my baby has been busy growing a spine, spinal chord and the beginnings of a brain. It still looks like a blob, though. There is some really cool, fairly in-depth information on human embryonic development on Wikipedia (of all places), and I found a site which outlines the scientific developmental stages (I think it is a university site, from memory). Unfortunately, the link is bookmarked on my home computer, and I am typing this on my tablet while on my lunch break at work. I will try to remember to either add the link to the comments or put it in a later post, just in case anyone is interested. Oh wait! I think I found it – pretty sure this is it. They have one for fetal development too (after the first 8 weeks). The link to that one is at the bottom of the embryo one. Just FYI – they go by time since fertilisation, not pregnancy week. So I am at Carnegie stage 8 (probably), in embryonic week 3, but am actually 4.5 weeks pregnant.

With regard to symptoms, I am definitely peeing more often than before, and my boobs hurt. I am also mildly nauseated and a little foggy/dizzy, but these last two may very well be psychosomatic – it seems a tad early for that sort of malarkey yet. Other than that, I can’t really tell any difference. I still don’t really feel pregnant – have to keep reminding myself that I am. In my dreams, though – oh boy is it real. I have had several dreams where I miscarried, a couple where I was breastfeeding, and one where I was introducing the baby to my grandmother, who died last year (she knew what I was planning and was super excited for me – I really wish that this dream could have come true).


One thought on “Things Are Happening in my Uterus

  1. Not too early at all to experience dizziness/fogginess. I got it at 3 weeks with my first, that’s how I knew something was up but had to wait another week to do the pee test


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