hCG Levels Still Going Up

Today I had my third hCG blood test and the test for toxoplasmosis (my GP gave me the lab forms for that, and said to make an appointment to discuss the results). I don’t have the results for the latter yet, but the level of hCG was exactly where it ought to be at this stage: 8410 mIU/mL. So that is good. The FA nurse also booked me in for my 7-week scan with my FA doctor. It will be a transvaginal scan, meaning I don’t need a full bladder (THANK GOD), and will be in the afternoon of Wednesday the 9th of November, at the Remuera FA offices. It was originally going to be the 8th, but that is my birthday, and I didn’t want bad associations if it was bad news.

So yay! everything is looking good!

Also today: the Auckland midwife I was trying to contact finally rang me back, and apologised for the delay – she had been in Napier over the long weekend, and then had to birth three babies in a row, over two days, and was only just catching up on her messages. She seems nice, so I am now covered until I move to New Plymouth (to live with my mum, in case I hadn’t outlined my birth/post-pregnancy plan yet) in my late-second/early-third trimester.

I am still trying to sort a New Plymouth midwife out – I have a pencilled-in one as a back-up, but my first choice is currently holidaying in Ireland for another two weeks, and is only emailing sporadically. Last I heard, she was going to check her availability in June and get back to me.

My Auckland midwife just texted me to ask me to go get bloods done tomorrow, which: yay I love being stuck with needles. Apparently it is the basic antenatal tests, e.g. rubella etc. Which I did get done when I first started at FA, but maybe she doesn’t have access to those results (although she does have access to my hCG ones and I think my LH ones too – she did say I had had “a lot” of tests done, which would be overkill just for the 3 hCG ones). So, after that blood, it will be nothing to do for nearly two weeks! I might have to start doing OTHER things that need doing in my life! Quelle horreur!


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