Eight Weeks And Counting


Apparently my baby now has all the bones (mostly cartilage at this stage, one presumes) and muscles that it will have when born, although the intestines are currently still all in the umbilical cord, as there is no room for them in the embryo. 

Also ten (webbed) fingers and ten (webbed) toes. 

Symptom-wise, I still have constant, lowish-level nausea, that occasionally spikes to bursts of moderate-level nausea, and occasional heartburn. Basically I feel slightly hungover at all times. Not terribly so, just enough to be consistently uncomfortable. 

Also my boobs are noticeably bigger, and very tender. It hurts if I get hugged too strongly, and I just went for a braless walk (which I used to be able to do fine with little to no discomfort) and could feel them flopping around uncomfortably. 

All in all, not too bad at this stage, and I feel it ain’t gonna get worse. Yay!


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