A Clarification

In my last post, I linked to some sites that described details of the NIPS tests and what they measure. I have since discovered that a couple of these were written by a man who is prolife and works for a Christian prolife centre. The pages I linked to seemed accurate, though (no misleading info that I could see or massively pushing an agenda etc) – I just wanted to clarify that I, personally, am pro choice and atheist, in case that made any difference to anything, which it probably doesn’t. 

As I said, I think the pages discuss relevant points, but they do come across a little anti-NIPS. I want to reiterate that I am a Big Fan of this test – it appears much more accurate than standard testing, according to the big study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and is noninvasive and early. I think it will be a great thing if it ever becomes funded and standard. As long as the doctors and midwives are absolutely clear that it is still a screening test, not a diagnostic test, and that people should consider an amniocentesis before making final decisions. 


In pregnancy news, everybody knows I am knocked up now – no more secrets! Also, I am no longer keeping it a secret that I am having a BOY. 

I am still getting incredibly sore boobs, but have stopped with the morning sickness (although I had my one and only vomit a couple of days ago – but that was likely linked to the phlegm thing I have going on [may or may not be pregnancy related]). The main symptom I am getting right now is massive exhaustion. I need at least one nap every afternoon. I am fine in the mornings (even sprightly sometimes) but absolutely CRASH in the afternoons, and am going to bed by 9pm every night. 

I went BABY THINGS shopping yesterday, in the Boxing Day sales. I bought: a cot, a bassinet, a cot mattress, a changing table, a changing mat, and a nappy bag. And a snuggly blanket thing that I think I might keep for myself – it is so soft. Sorry baby! And it all came in well under $1000! Which is still a lot of money, but way less than I thought it would be. We are going to assemble them today to make sure they aren’t missing any vital bits. 


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