Dear God! – There is Something ALIVE in There

Just a quick update to report that I have been feeling sporadic Baby Boy Movement over the last few days. As the rest of the world reports, it does indeed feel like bubbles, but I would add that they feel like bubbles that are more solid than gas bubbles. This makes talking to him seem way more pointy than before.

Also, my midwife is terrible and I am glad that she will not be the one birthing my baby. She seems uneducated about basic first-year science facts, and (worse?) doesn’t listen to me, just patronisingly skims over anything I raise. I came out of the last appointment plain SEETHING with frustration. OH and she is terribly unorganised.

LUCKILY the midwife I chose in Taranaki seems much better – for one thing, she has a biochemistry degree as well as her midwifery degree, and is about my age so likely more up to date than the Auckland one (who is maybe in her 50s?). Also, she seemed respectful and matter-of-fact, and not at all patronising. So yeah – starting to look forward to the move more and more.

I am not planning on changing midwifes in Auckland though – it was so stressful finding one to begin with [so little to go on! No reviews page (would be nice to have a Yelp-like thing for midwifes) etc], and I only have to put up with her for maybe 2-3 more appointments. PLUS I get a very nice discount on the ultrasound package through her practice, and I just realised that I would have to give up the rest of the scans I have paid for if I switched. So I will just suck it up, and concentrate on the move.


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