Pregnancy Progress Update

So in the last while since I wrote, I have been for my halfway anatomy scan (generally known as the one where most people find out the sex, if they are going to). Everything is good, the baby is average size for his age, I got some more pics (nothing that significantly differed from the last scan, really), and I had a nice talk to the technician about brain development and feeling kicks. The only frustrating thing is that this little boy is very shy – he doesn’t want to show his bum. The very bottom of his spine has been impossible to image, no matter the angle or manipulations they made me do. Meaning I had to go back for a follow-up scan last week – still no view, even though she actually tried an internal scan towards the end in one last desperate attempt. So I am going back, again, tomorrow – just for this one thing. 

This is to check for Spina bifida. She said that she could get two clear angles, but they require three to rule it out fully. She was also very careful to tell me not to worry, and that given the scrutiny she would likely have seen something if it was all going wrong. They just want to be sure. 


Speaking of feeling kicks, I have been able to feel them from the outside (hand on my belly) for the last few days. Suuuuuper weird. But neat!

My bump is also getting more pronounced – he must be growing fast!


My wonderful friend has an even more wonderful and amazing friend who I have never met, but who donated three big boxes of baby clothes (age newborn to six months), a baby bath, a pile of maternity clothes (including a very fetching maternity jumpsuit, which I perversely LOVE), and various other bits and bobs. She also apparently said that I can have her old bouncer and playmat-toy thing if I want them (of course I said yes please!). She has had her last child, and is also very tall, so her clothes fit me and now I will never need to buy another item of baby clothing again (for the first six months at least). 

I was completely overwhelmed – I knew my friend was bringing some stuff over from a friend, but I was expecting maybe a couple of maternity tops and a handful of baby clothes. People can be lovely. 


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