Update to the Update

I had my second follow-up scan today, and she FINALLY managed to image the whole spine from all the angles she needed to be satisfied. He is healthy and non-spina-bifidous.

He is also definitely (with photographic proof) a boy, which made me think of this clip from Shortland Street (don’t judge me, I don’t watch it [anymore] – it has just been all over the New Zealand internet because of this VERY MODERN DRAMATIC scene) – I felt like shouting “PLEASE TELL ME THAT IS NOT YOUR PENIS!” at my belly, but thought the people around may not have been up to date with pop culture enough to appreciate it.

I also had a midwife appointment straight after the scan, and everything is normal and progressing smoothly there too. She prescribed me iron tablets, as my iron levels – while normal – were on the lower end of the acceptable range, and I am still feeling very tired a lot. I have to take them at a different time from when I take iodine, with a source of vitamin C, and they will likely turn my poos black and make me either constipated or give me diarrhoea YAY.

My next blood test is at 28 weeks, and I also need to get the whooping cough jab around the same time (as do any of my family who are going to be spending lots of time with the baby).


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