Long Time No Update

It has been a very busy, stressful time of preparing to move and being pregnant, so I have been lax, again, with my posts. I will try to summarize what has been happening with regard to The Fetus.

  • Fertility Associates sent me some Mail, which contained:
    • The full form that the donor filled out (I previously only had the first page, but am entitled to the rest at [I think] 20 weeks). I want to scan this and make it into a nice bound book for The Fetus to have and look at as he grows up – my dad does book binding, so may collaborate with him.
    • A form I needed to sign to say that I want to keep the remaining sperm allocated to me. I signed it and sent it off, but noticed that it only mentioned four remaining samples, when there should be five (I used five, ten are allocated). I rang the donor coordinator and she said that that would be corrected. The next step is supposed to be them sending out a bill for the $150 or whatever it is ($160?) for a year (six months?) of storage, but that hasn’t happened yet, and it has been over a month. This is a little worrying, but I am too stressed about the move (happening next week) to deal with it right now – I will get onto it once I am settled. The first time they sent me all this stuff it got lost in the mail (or they hadn’t actually sent it, although they said they had), so I am wondering if that has happened again.
  • I got a growth scan at 27 weeks (today I am at 28 weeks 2 days). All is looking good, although he was holding his foot in front of his face so we couldn’t get any nice pictures of his face, but there is a cute one of a hand and foot covering it. All his organs look good. His head is 97th percentile! His long bones are around 75th percentile and his abdomen around 45th percentile. No big surprise there – my family all have big giant heads (I believe) and we are tall too (and the donor is tall [not as tall as ME though but WHO IS]).
  • A couple of days ago I did the polycose test, the results of which I haven’t heard yet. I am a little nervous, as I did gain 4 kg in 4 weeks at one point, but my weight seems to have stabilized since then (the next 2 weeks I didn’t gain any), so I think that was just a growth spurt. And anyway, I am not showing any other symptoms of gestational diabetes. At the same time they took some other bloods for other standard tests (e.g. iron etc).
  • Today I have the whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus vaccine (Boostrix®) and the ‘flu vaccine, both fully funded for pregnant ladies, and they can be given on the same day.
  • I also, today, have my final appointment with my Auckland-based midwife – next check-up will be in New Plymouth with the woman who will ACTUALLY birth my baby. But today will be finding out the test results and listening to the heartbeat again.
  • Once I have moved (next week), I am booked in to several classes, which will be good for both information AND meeting other new parents. I am doing the Nappy Lady workshop, antenatal classes, and Pepe class (this is about the baby, whereas antenatal is about the birth).
  • My baby shower/high tea is this Saturday! My friend made all the bookings/invites, so all I have to do is turn up and drink tea and eat small foods YAY
  • I am going to get my belly hennaed when it is a bit closer to the birth time – I just love the idea (I have always loved henna tattoos). There is a place in New Plymouth that does it for pregnant women, using the safe paste (one is safe, the other less so?)
  • I have been thinking a lot about waterbirth. There is a pool at the hospital I will be going to, and I think I am eligible for it (there are several criteria, such as it being a single baby with no complications). The only thing is that there is only one pool, so I guess it is first come first served. Pretty sure this hospital has an average of 4-5 births a day, so I might miss out. I did see online somewhere that they do have big baths that you can labour in, but you have to get out to push, so that might be a good compromise.

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