Moving: Complete

I am now fairly well settled in Mum’s house, although there is still a lot of unpacking to do to make the move fully complete. But the actual moving of stuff happened (and went smoothly), and I have started to do nesting-type things.

Like: the washing of baby clothes and nappies, ready to use! This was a mammoth task – many many loads. And the new nappies needed to be soaked to get their full absorbency, which added to the tasks. That link there goes to the Nappy Lady website, which is a great resource!

I went to her workshop on waste-free parenting, too, and it was quite interesting (and a little depressing – lots of talk about landfills and how we poison the earth with chemicals etc) – PLUS I got three free cloth nappies, as well as a bunch of other useful reusable stuff. These workshops are sponsored by the councils, and she goes all over the country – I would highly recommend them, if only for the free gift pack thing that you get – I paid $19 to attend (I think it might be a bit more in the big centres), and the nappies in the pack alone would be worth at least $60.

I am back at work, too, working remotely. This is going okay – it helps that I am working in the back room where I and the baby will eventually live, but am actually currently living in the spare room in the main house, so that it feels like I am “going to work” every morning, rather than just hanging out in my room.

A thing that is bugging me about work though: the weird laws NZ has about annual leave when related to maternity leave! Apparently I will continue to accrue annual leave during the year I am off work (which is nice I guess), but it (and any annual leave I have already accrued before maternity leave) will be worth less than my full salary unless I wait a full year after returning to work to use it – they average out the previous 52 weeks’ salary to decide what to pay you! There does appear to be a weird thing with regard to when your work anniversary pops up – mine is in July, so hypothetically my current reserve of annual leave (about a week) will retain its pay value, as it was earned before my work anniversary, but this is confusing.

So I have decided to use what I currently have to work “part time” for the remaining weeks before I go on maternity leave – taking one or two days off a week. This is so nice! I should really have thought of it before, but I wasn’t aware of quite how tired I would be at this stage in my pregnancy.

I do feel quite well prepared with regard to my cloth nappy hoard now – several different types and brands (although probably not as many I will need), and a few packs of disposable nappies to back them up as needed. THEY ARE SO CUTE (the cloth ones)

I have now met my new midwife (again), and am feeling pretty good about her, particularly in comparison to my Auckland midwife. I had a meeting with her yesterday, and we started discussing labour, which was interesting. I.e. when to call her, when to go to hospital, what to do if my waters break in the middle of the night with no other symptoms, etc.

I also had a growth scan yesterday (32.5 weeks), and the head is ENORMOUS. Measuring in the >98th percentile, which corresponds to a fetal age of about 37.5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS AHEAD! Luckily the rest of the body is only slightly above average, although it is the head that is the hard bit to get out… But big heads are rife in my family, so it isn’t anything to worry about. He has big feet too – measuring 7cm, which is currently longer than the femur (this is apparently normal and doesn’t mean he will have to have a clowning career).

I am seeing an obstetrician next week, to discuss how my advanced age will affect the pregnancy, and I will ask about the head then too. The midwife said something about inducing at 40 weeks if required, rather than waiting until the standard 42 weeks, and I am pretty sure that was because of my age, as apparently baby size doesn’t play a part in when to induce.

The midwife also lives almost literally down the road from Mum’s house, which is handy if I have a sudden urgent need to deliver and can’t make it to the hospital!

I have also booked the car capsule and clip-on wheels from Baby Factory ($50 each, $40 bond each, so $180 total, of which I get $80 back when I return them). Now I just need to pack my hospital bag (doing that this weekend), and am pretty much prepared for the baby, if not fully settled in yet.

A little old lady smiled at me in Farmers yesterday – like a big grin. I think it was just because I was pregnant. I think that might be the first pregnancy-affected thing I have seen from a stranger during this whole pregnancy – although come to think of it the dude from Payless Plastics offered to carry my containers I was buying to my car the other day (but that might have just been what he does for everyone). It was nice anyway – smiles are good. 🙂

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