Ipu Whenua and DNA beads

I have been saving my placenta this whole time (nearly 17 months) so I could (a) make beads with a bit of placenta in them and (b) bury it with a bit of a ritual.

Well, I have finally sent off the dried placenta slice,* some breast milk,** and a lock of my son’s hair to make the beads from, and I can finally bury the placenta! I will hopefully remember to post a picture of the charm beads when they arrive…

Anyway, today I bought two kete to make the ipu whenua from, and will hopefully get that made and decorated soon, and be able to finally bury my placenta with a bit of a ceremony in the garden.

* I had to slice the placenta and place a few pieces in the oven at a low temp for 7-8 hours to dry it out – looked a bit like a plasticky beef jerky when it was done.

** what little I have left – it took two tries with both boobs to get a scant 10mL! I guess I (a) have a depleted supply now he is only drinking it once a day regularly and (b) may have lost the pumping technique after such a long time.

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